About Us

New Motion was created in 2015. The New Motion team is comprised of educated, professional Afghans who bring years of expertise in service to our clients. We are in business because we believe in democracy and the peoples’ right to participate in government affairs, public policy discussions, and decisions. Our goal is to help those who run for public office get their message to their audience through multiple channels. We believe an informed public is the most important pillar of a democratic society. An informed citizenry is better prepared to advocate and influence public policy and government decisions. We help citizens and organizations advocate for their social and political cause. New Motion serves individuals, private companies, political parties, nonprofit organizations, unions, associations, and the government communicate their message to the public. Our expert research and development team brings years of experience in Afghanistan and abroad to the service of our clients. We are here with you every step of the way. Let’s do this together!


To be the most trusted professional campaign management, public relations, advocacy, and research and development firm in Afghanistan.


To serve diverse groups of clients achieve their political or social campaign, public relations, advocacy, and research and development goals with the lowest cost and highest levels of professionalism.



Diversity: We strictly observe diversity in our business practices

Integrity: We strive to do the right thing

Excellence: We promote a culture of excellence in our firm and in our services

Accountability: We take responsibility and transparency serious in our business

Collaboration: We work together to bring positive change

Passion:   We are driven and inspired to make a lasting impact

Impartiality: We are a for-profit, unbiased, discrimination free, and non-partisan firm