Research & Development

Whether you require market research or you are in the market developing a new product, or striving for social change, we are here to provide high quality research and development services. We help you understand Afghanistan’s major markets, conduct qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods research, focus groups and public opinion polling services. You contact us with your needs and we get to work.

Campaign Management

We take your success seriously. We work with your political team to develop, polish, and deliver your message through multiple platforms to the right audience. Whether your target audience is senior Afghans or the young and educated, we hit the target. Managing a political campaign for public office is a complex process. New Motion strategically combines traditional campaigning methods such as delivering speeches to live audiences with modern methods using digital technologies and social media. New Motion’s political advisors will help you in each step in message development and campaigning.


Democracy works when the public is involved and informed. When your goal is to raise awareness, mobilize the public for a cause, or advocate for a public policy position, New Motion is ready to help you achieve your goals. We help you deliver your message using multiple channels. We arrange for you to meet policy makers, influencers and thought leaders. Our advocacy team specializes in public mobilization and public opinion research. We help you collect signatures to petition the government. It is your constitutional right; we help you protect it.

Public Relations

New Motion offers a full service public relations package. We help you manage your online and off-line presence. We help you maintain a trusted image and manage public interactions. Our professional media advisors help you throughout the process in your public relations campaign. We provide crisis management consulting, media relations, digital presence, and online community management. Your organization exists to serve; we help you manage your public image.